Friday, May 9, 2008

Long time no see, blog, whatever :-)

Here is my disclaimer. These pictures aren't supposed to be at the top and they should be in a different order. I'm not that talented. Someone tell me what I did wrong please!!!

So, I know, I'm a total slacker. But I have an excuse...will you accept it? The siding is done on the house. We're still waiting to do a little touch up when this stinking wind will die down. When will that be by the way? My allergies were just driving me nuts until my lavender came in. I tried some as soon as Denaye handed it over and within 10 minutes I was breathing through my nose!!!! I went for a walk with Laurie and the kids this morning and put some on my face before I left. No problems at all!! Yeah for the lavender, and yeah for me being able to breathe.

Do you want to see my "new" house?? Let's see if I can post pictures. Here goes nothing.
Once one of my dear friends helps me get the pics in the right order and in the right place I'll post some more.
The house looks great in my humble opinion and it really got done quickly with all the wonderful help that we had from family and friends. Thanks!

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D said...

You should just be able to click to select, and then drag the pictures around, just like you would expect to do. No fancy tricks here!