Monday, October 20, 2008

The end of the sickness???

Could it be, could we really be well again? WE ARE!!!! Well, I guess that's no entirely true. Poor Miss Lauryn has gotten her very first ear infection...woohoo ammoxicillan (seriously, how do you spell that?) At least we got her to take it. After 2 and a half years on antibiotics it's a struggle to get her to take anything. Tylenol for a fever...only in the last 6 months. Fluoride...easily for some odd reason. And heaven forbid the medicine is a different color than the last one that we gave her :-) Good thing that I love this little girl.

Last night I decided that the house had gotten out of control while we were all feeling yucky and it had to be cleaned before the flood of kids returned this morning. So, the whole gang (yes, the WHOLE gang) helped out and the house was returned to normal which meant that I got to spend the morning catching up on my Beth Moore study,baking scones, mixing up granola, and prepping chicken tortilla soup to throw into the crock pot. I love those kinds of mornings. Now, if I could just find the time in there to finish the skirt that I've started for my niece and spend a little more time checking out a pattern for this super cute bag that I want to try. I'm too lazy to find the link right now...and Lauryn's crying in bed. I guess I should go and check on her and then put myself to bed so we can start another day that goes as smoothly as today. That's kind of a joke but we can always hope can't we.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun times and then...not so much

I had such a blast scrapbooking with the girls on Saturday. I was once again reminded much good it does for me to get away and recharge for the day. We ate too much junk (but it tasted so good) and laughed about the silliest things that no one else would find amusing. But we don't care. :-) I am loving playing with that Cricut and I'm sure if K gets things going I will be putting it on my Christmas list!

It's funny how even after a day away you can get THROWN back into real life. Like walking in the door and hearing Collin crying softly in his bed, trying to sleep but not being able to stay that way. I got myself ready for bed and he quieted down so I thought "Hey, I might get some sleep!" That was dumb, I know that now. 20 minutes later Brian and I wake up to the sound of Collin throwing up in his crib. Poor little man, he was pretty miserable. Church in the morning was now a no go. We changed jammies and snuggled him up with us. He slept off and on for a few hours until Brian put him back to bed. Lucky for us he fell right to sleep and didn't get up until almost 9. He ate breakfast and then proceded to throw it all the kitchen sink. He must have realized something was coming up because he walked over to me and wanted me to pick him up. Good thing I was standing right by the sink because it came up fast.

Needless to say, we spent most of the day resting and Collin was actually feeling a lot better this evening. Hopefully after one more recovery day tomorrow we'll be back in the swing of things.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bread is so yummy

Today I only had my own kiddos, so I felt motivated to do some baking. 2 large loaves, 4 mini loaves, and a little more than a dozen cinnamon rolls later my house smells like fall. And, since Denaye mentioned super cheap pumpkins (and once again, only my own kids) I loaded them up and hit the store because I've always wanted to bake a pumpkin but never knew what to actually do with it :-) I've got extra kiddos tomorrow...and a broken blender...whoops, forgot about that. K, can I borrow your mom's? Maybe I'll be baking my pumpkins on Friday.

It's been a bit of a week at our place. Not really the whole week, just yesterday. I had 6 kids all day and then had to get them all off to their houses in time to haul Lauryn and Taylor to dance class in Cashmere. We got there with about 2 seconds to spare! It was watch week so I actually got to see what they are doing in class instead of just hearing it through the walls. I was so proud of the way that Lauryn was listening to her teacher even while the other girls were sliding around on the floor and watching their parents watch them through the window. She's getting better and better at the ballet steps and her tap moves. If you ever need some entertainment I would suggest watching a 3 year old's dance class.

Dad's here...time to go for a brisk walk in the cold!