Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No time??

Somehow, I seem to be much more of a slacker about blogging than my friends. How is it that they can find the time during the day and I can't? Maybe I just don't think about what I'm going to write ahead of time. I only think about it when I sit down to write. If you're lucky I'll work on that.

Denaye and the girls came over and played today. The sun came out and it was warm enough to play outside. After a little while at the park, with Lauryn and Melia running around like wild children Lauryn decided that it was time to back across the street we went; to the backyard.

Lauryn has a power wheels Mustang that she loves to drive around the yard. It runs so much better when there are 2 kids who are relatively the same size. It doesn't get stuck nearly as often as when L drives with Collin.

Lauryn taught Melia how to drive and I will have to tell the whole story later, my hubby is home and I've got other things to get done :-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let sleeping children lie

I think both of my kids are asleep...Collin was wiping out so I put him down and Lauryn wanted to go to bed, too. A sure sign that she is still not feeling well. I haven't heard a peep from either one in 5 minutes. It's freakishly quiet here!

I got a few batches of bread made yesterday, one cinnamon and one honey wheat. Brian really likes the wheat so I've got to remember to get more wheat flour when I'm shopping next.

One thing that I know that I need to work on is asking Brian what he would like me to get done each day. Crystal (at Biblical Womanhood) asks her hubby in the mornings...that wouldn't work since Brian's up and gone before anyone's awake. So I need to do it at night before we go to bed. I know that during the winter there isn't as much, but in the spring time he's working longer hours and would appreciate the time I take to get some of the outside things done. I'm hoping that this year it will be a bit easier since Collin can actually play outside with Lauryn instead of just hanging out in the swing needing to be pushed all the time.

Just one more thing for me to remember to do to be a better helpmeet for him.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Turkey? Mice? Polar Bears?

This was the question that Lauryn posed to Brian and I while we were watching something about lab testing on white rabbits. She was pretty tired and they had just had some white turkeys on. It just cracked me up. They were white and she wasn't really paying attention so maybe they could have been turkeys or mice or even polar bears :-)

I feel like I haven't gotten anything done in the past week with the kids being sick. I'm feeling like a bit of a slacker. Dinner has been leftovers or cereal almost every night. Granted, we cleaned out stuff from Dad's fridge as they are gone from 10 days and things needed to be eaten. I've got big plans to finally make the chili that I have been wanting for a week and maybe put together a chicken pot pie for tomorrow. It all depends on how the kiddos are doing today. I really thought that Friday they were getting better, but this cough has just been hanging on. Lauryn's been taking a nap every day which is still just so weird for her.

Well, I think that my time here is up because I've got to get a few more things taken care of before the kids get up.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cash only please

In an effort to tighten things up even more...I know it can be done, I'm just having trouble getting there, I am switching to cash. I was reading Crystal's budget update (at Money Saving Mom) and we have been needing to cut down even more than we have previously so I'm really getting serious now. Somehow I have the feeling that this first month that I do it ( the rest of this month because I've done a little shopping already) I'm going to wind up on the short end. Not that I'm anticipating my own failure, but because I don't think that I'll have gotten it down completely. February will be my practice for March when I WILL DO IT! And do it well, I might add.

We are cancelling our cable at the end of this month (or whenever it is that we're paid through) and tightening the grocery budget a little bit more. I'm needing to find myself a car (minivan) that will hold more car seats in order to keep my friend's 2 girls this coming school year and still be able to get out of the house if I need to. So, in addition to praying that one comes along (and you all can be praying about it for me too if you would be so kind) we are trying to see how much cash we can scrape together. Hoping that we will be able to find something reliable that we can pay cash for.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Poor sick baby boy

Collin spent all yesterday afternoon throwing up. Which means I spent all yesterday afternoon cuddling a sick baby, washing pukey laundry, keep Lauryn occupied, and attempting to get dinner on the table. That last one didn't happen. Brian was kind enough to throw a frozen pizza in the oven, which is his version of making dinner. Then we took turns eating and holding Collin. We seem to be over this little bug already though. He made it the whole night and this morning with no more puking!!!! He's finally starting to be hungry-oatmeal and homemade bread are the only things he's tried to eat though. And water: he pounded a sippy cup of water at midnight and another at 3 am.

On a much more fun note, Lauryn and I made 2 loaves of bread and a batch of homemade sausage pizza pockets for the freezer. I've been wanting to start making our own bread for awhile and K and Alicia and I made a loaf in K's bread machine on Sunday so it finally got me going. I may be in the market for one myself, or I might just steal my stepmom's for awhile to see if I like it.

I was such a slacker and didn't take any pictures while we were making bread! I would have had a few great ones of Lauryn up to her elbows in flour just waiting until it was her turn to knead the dough. Oh well, next time I guess.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Larry's Chicken is open

Wow, we got a whole night without our kids!!! Brian and I were headed to a birthday party and Lauryn had been wanting to spend the night at her grandpa's forever. So she went with him and Collin went to Lali and Papa's. It was a much needed break for me.

We had only been gone for an hour when Lauryn called the cell phone and wanted to talk to me. I thought to myself..."One hour, that's all she can go" until I got on the phone. As soon as I said hello I hear this little voice yelling, "Mommy, Larry's Chicken is open and I'm eating RIGHT NOW!" The little turkey called to gloat that she got to have Larry's Chicken before I did :-)

Since we hadn't had dinner yet, we had to head back over to Larry's Chicken before the birthday party. I so miss that place when they are closed.