Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lauryn and Lali

Lauryn had a great time yesterday spending the day (and night) with Lali and Papa. They had a little Larry's chicken for lunch and then went to do some work at Lali's school. Lauryn said that she was doing some cutting and cut her finger but "just a little bit, not really." As best as I can tell, I think that she got a paper cut :-) Then they topped off their day of fun with a little Monster's, Inc. with Papa. Collin was so happy to see his sister after church this morning...she was already in her classroom when we took him in. And, by the way, Collin has stayed in the church nursery 3 weeks in a row!!!!!!!!!!!! We may have finally turned the corner. We're told that he actually played today! It's pretty nice to be able to sit in church and not see our number pop up on the board for once :-)

One Lauryn story that must be told..aside from the one about her telling Papa what part of her body she would be feeding her babies with.

She was talking about how she is going to have babies when she is a grown up and that God let her grow in mommy's tummy and Collin too. But she isn't going to let God do that, she's going to do it by herself. We're really not sure how she is picturing God getting those babies in there...maybe like a magician?

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