Sunday, September 28, 2008

Open up the sky

Open up the sky was the name of one of the songs this morning at church. I'm not sure who wrote but it was new to me. It spoke of wanting not blessings, but God. Not being satisfied with the ordinary. This is a link that I just found to the lyrics. Check them out. I know that I tend to get satisfied with the blessings that God so richly pours out. But that's not enough, that's really not what we should be wanting. We should be wanting God and nothing else will satisfy. The blessings along the way are just a bonus.

On a whole other note...I had such a blast scrapbooking and just relaxing with friends yesterday. Although by the end of the night with just Lynn, Karalee, and I left, we were getting goofy. We have decided that we may have been a little high on Pepsi and licorice :-) Who needs anything stronger? Not us apparently!

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