Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bread is so yummy

Today I only had my own kiddos, so I felt motivated to do some baking. 2 large loaves, 4 mini loaves, and a little more than a dozen cinnamon rolls later my house smells like fall. And, since Denaye mentioned super cheap pumpkins (and once again, only my own kids) I loaded them up and hit the store because I've always wanted to bake a pumpkin but never knew what to actually do with it :-) I've got extra kiddos tomorrow...and a broken blender...whoops, forgot about that. K, can I borrow your mom's? Maybe I'll be baking my pumpkins on Friday.

It's been a bit of a week at our place. Not really the whole week, just yesterday. I had 6 kids all day and then had to get them all off to their houses in time to haul Lauryn and Taylor to dance class in Cashmere. We got there with about 2 seconds to spare! It was watch week so I actually got to see what they are doing in class instead of just hearing it through the walls. I was so proud of the way that Lauryn was listening to her teacher even while the other girls were sliding around on the floor and watching their parents watch them through the window. She's getting better and better at the ballet steps and her tap moves. If you ever need some entertainment I would suggest watching a 3 year old's dance class.

Dad's here...time to go for a brisk walk in the cold!

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Karalee said...

If I get my errands done early like I'm planning so the kids can come play, I will bring the blender so you can blend up your pumpkin. :) Sounds yummy.