Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I had so much fun tonight just spending time with friends that I haven't gotten to see much of lately. Never mind that we had 6 kinds under 5 running around the entire time-we're so used to that I hardly even noticed. Although I did take notice that there was very little fighting among them!!! Except at the end of the evening when Collin tried to convince Makaila that her sippy cup was really his. That led to 2 little ones screaming and pulling at that poor orange cup until their little faces were red :-) Pretty amusing if you ask me.

This afternoon while Collin was pretending to nap I got time to catch up on my Bible study. Seriously, someone e-mail me on Fridays and tell me to do day one. I'm always behind and I know it's horrible that I can't get organized enough to spend quality time working at it. I am making progress and I'm loving this study (Jesus, the One and Only by Beth Moore, in case you're wondering) It's one of those that I feel like I need to spend an hour on each day to really get all that I can out of it. Now, if I could only find an hour...I do have one from 4-5 am, but unfortunately, I don't think I'm quite coherent enough during that time of day (night?)

Tomorrow I'll hopefully teach myself how to post pictures so I can write about my little baby's big boy haircut and show a few before and afters.

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Rachael said...

I love Beth Moore studies! My church here doesn't do them as much as my church in Spokane/Wenatchee did though:)