Sunday, March 9, 2008

I have plants!!!...and if I'm lucky they won't die

So, my grandma had a bunch of plants that she was willing to part with from her amazing garden. Therefore I have plants in my yard now. My mom also has some things for me. I got 2 burning bush offshoots that, as long as they survived the hacking out of the ground, will look awesome this summer! I'm still planning on getting some lavendar and a few spring blooming plants that I'll have to cough up some money for (unless anyone has anything else to transplant), but I got a gift card for Christmas for some of that. If only I can get these lovely green things to stay green with a 100 lb dog and 2 little kiddos running around the yard. Emmitt has already tried to sleep in the nice, freshly turned dirt next to, but not on my new daisies. Brian thatched the lawn with Barry's help on Saturday and Lauryn has has a great time playing in the "hay" that we had in piles on the lawn. Now we have slightly less than a million black garbage bags full of lawn stuff that I'm not sure what to do with...D, do you want this to compost? Do I? Let me know :-)
My grandparents are cleaning out their house and thinking about building themselves a new and smaller place. I am now the proud owner of a bunch more canning jars!!!!! Yeah for me, since my darling son will eat a can of pears for dinner with no help from the rest of us. I've got big canning plans this summer. And since my sweetie built me some shelves out in the shed, I've got room in the house to store plenty of canned goods where my Christmas decor used to rest.

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