Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekend to Remember

On a request from Denaye...what I loved about Weekend to Remember (other than the whole no kids all weekend thing) It was great! Brian and I learned so much more about each other's communication styles (or lack thereof) and how we can better relate to one another. The speakers were wonderful, it's so nice to just hear that other people go through the same things and come out alive and really better for it. I think that we both renewed our commitment to put God at the center of our marriage and our family. It's always good to get the reminder that my husband is to be a priority over the kids. Easier said than done when I spend all day with my kiddos, but something to work on. There was a resource at the conference called Celebrate Home that is written for stay-at-home moms and I'm going to order it from Amazon soon. I've got other books on request from the library and after I read them I'll let you know how they are.

On date night Saturday we went to see Vantage Point...that is a pretty intense movie. A little more violence than I would have liked but it's definitely a good one. It keeps your brain working the whole time. Not especially relaxing but I really liked it. And it was especially good since we used our free movie tickets from the Safeway promo. Speaking of which, does anyone know if there is a limit on those (one per card or anything?)

I think everyone should try to get to a Weekend to Remember. I would love to have received it as a wedding or even engagement gift :-) It was definitely worth the sacrifice to get there.

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D said...

Online when I was first checking out the safeway deal, I read that you can qualify with your club card once before 3/11, and once after. So twice per card for the whole duration!