Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Turkey? Mice? Polar Bears?

This was the question that Lauryn posed to Brian and I while we were watching something about lab testing on white rabbits. She was pretty tired and they had just had some white turkeys on. It just cracked me up. They were white and she wasn't really paying attention so maybe they could have been turkeys or mice or even polar bears :-)

I feel like I haven't gotten anything done in the past week with the kids being sick. I'm feeling like a bit of a slacker. Dinner has been leftovers or cereal almost every night. Granted, we cleaned out stuff from Dad's fridge as they are gone from 10 days and things needed to be eaten. I've got big plans to finally make the chili that I have been wanting for a week and maybe put together a chicken pot pie for tomorrow. It all depends on how the kiddos are doing today. I really thought that Friday they were getting better, but this cough has just been hanging on. Lauryn's been taking a nap every day which is still just so weird for her.

Well, I think that my time here is up because I've got to get a few more things taken care of before the kids get up.

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