Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let sleeping children lie

I think both of my kids are asleep...Collin was wiping out so I put him down and Lauryn wanted to go to bed, too. A sure sign that she is still not feeling well. I haven't heard a peep from either one in 5 minutes. It's freakishly quiet here!

I got a few batches of bread made yesterday, one cinnamon and one honey wheat. Brian really likes the wheat so I've got to remember to get more wheat flour when I'm shopping next.

One thing that I know that I need to work on is asking Brian what he would like me to get done each day. Crystal (at Biblical Womanhood) asks her hubby in the mornings...that wouldn't work since Brian's up and gone before anyone's awake. So I need to do it at night before we go to bed. I know that during the winter there isn't as much, but in the spring time he's working longer hours and would appreciate the time I take to get some of the outside things done. I'm hoping that this year it will be a bit easier since Collin can actually play outside with Lauryn instead of just hanging out in the swing needing to be pushed all the time.

Just one more thing for me to remember to do to be a better helpmeet for him.

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