Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cash only please

In an effort to tighten things up even more...I know it can be done, I'm just having trouble getting there, I am switching to cash. I was reading Crystal's budget update (at Money Saving Mom) and we have been needing to cut down even more than we have previously so I'm really getting serious now. Somehow I have the feeling that this first month that I do it ( the rest of this month because I've done a little shopping already) I'm going to wind up on the short end. Not that I'm anticipating my own failure, but because I don't think that I'll have gotten it down completely. February will be my practice for March when I WILL DO IT! And do it well, I might add.

We are cancelling our cable at the end of this month (or whenever it is that we're paid through) and tightening the grocery budget a little bit more. I'm needing to find myself a car (minivan) that will hold more car seats in order to keep my friend's 2 girls this coming school year and still be able to get out of the house if I need to. So, in addition to praying that one comes along (and you all can be praying about it for me too if you would be so kind) we are trying to see how much cash we can scrape together. Hoping that we will be able to find something reliable that we can pay cash for.

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