Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No time??

Somehow, I seem to be much more of a slacker about blogging than my friends. How is it that they can find the time during the day and I can't? Maybe I just don't think about what I'm going to write ahead of time. I only think about it when I sit down to write. If you're lucky I'll work on that.

Denaye and the girls came over and played today. The sun came out and it was warm enough to play outside. After a little while at the park, with Lauryn and Melia running around like wild children Lauryn decided that it was time to back across the street we went; to the backyard.

Lauryn has a power wheels Mustang that she loves to drive around the yard. It runs so much better when there are 2 kids who are relatively the same size. It doesn't get stuck nearly as often as when L drives with Collin.

Lauryn taught Melia how to drive and I will have to tell the whole story later, my hubby is home and I've got other things to get done :-)

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